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6 volt solar charger for battery

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Hi all,

does anyone know of a company that makes a 6 volt solar battery charger that you can use to maintain the charge in a battery in a vehicle that has infrequent use.


Do have a 12 volt version on another Buick which works very well in maintaining a full charge in this battery.


I understand the biggest issue we have with batteries in our Buicks is that they fail because they are allowed to run flat through lack of use.


Do have a mains powered battery keeper, but would prefer to have a solar unit if they make one.



Rodney ??????



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Don't know about the solar chargers,  but they are probably like the battery maintainers......plenty of 12 V but if you find a 6V it cost twice as much as the 12V.

My solution ('39 Buick) .....Schumacher (US battery charger company) now makes electronic chargers that are also maintainers.

It appears all levels of their electronic units maintain and in addition they understand if the battery is 6V or 12 V and there are different lights on the unit that indicate what mode it is in.

I have purchased several different models on Ebay and am quite happy with the way it keep the batteries charged.    I also use them on my Reatta which sees little use and even my riding mower.

I would hope you could find something "Down under" that works the same.....possibly Schumacher distributes down your way or you could get one or two from Ebay

PS the ones I purchased on Ebay were cheap enough if they fail just pitch them.

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You can buy for about $10 a 12 volt to 6 volt converter.  Put inline with you 12 volt solar and you are in business.  I agree with Barney.  The Schumacher charges work great.  I haven't had one fail., while the old competitor's  fail frequently .  I buy them from the local Tractor Supply on sale  for under $20.


bob Engle

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2 hours ago, 147 Franklin Airman said:

I have 4 x 3v solar panels  without a regulator and they work well. 2 pairs in series and then both pairs in parallel to increase the wattage. Bright sun provides 7v


That sounds promising, any chance of some pictures and detail on what you used. When searching a while back, I did see low voltage panels but wasn’t certain about the lack of a regulator. Interested in what you have done!

Rodney ?????

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