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NOS DELCO FAN CLUTCH for BUICK Skylark and Riviera


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Hi, Gang. I'm selling this NOS Delco Fan Clutch for a local buddy. So, please check out the specs carefully, and be sure this unit is proper for your BUICK. Specifically note the 2" fan mounting height shown in one photo. Some Buick's with factory A/C have a 1.5" fan mounting height. Be sure to compare this fan clutch being sold with your old one, before buying it.
This fan clutch is new-in-box. There's no sign of silicone leaking on the unit or on the box. So, it looks like it was stored properly. NOTE: This earlier fan clutch has the four bored holes in the flange, NOT the crappy-looking slots (fits-all look) found in the current AC Delco units and most aftermarket fan clutches.
This Delco fan clutch fits the following Buicks (but check your current fan mounting height... it must be 2"):
1966-67, with 340 engine
1965-67, with 300 engine
1968-71, with 350 engine
1965-67, with 3.7 V6
1977-79. with 3.8 V6
1979-85, with turbocharged 3.8 V6
1981-84, with 4.1 V6
The price is $75, plus shipping. Thanks for looking.  John

111 (717x800).jpg

090 (800x707).jpg

093 (800x747).jpg

098 (800x752).jpg

106 (800x580).jpg

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