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Need Hupmobile 20 Manual and any literature


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There is the Hupmobile Book of Instructions (Model 20) and the Breeze carburetor manual. A couple of our regular posters have these in .pdf format. That's about it as far as literature goes. Be sure to read the posts on this Forum, also. I think the AACA LIbrary has the owner's manual.

I wish someone would reprint the manual, by the way. I would do it if I could get a decent copy.



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I have 

1. Original Owner manual  1910 

2. Original Canadian Parts List and Prices  Nov 1913

3. Original Breeze on Carburetors and Engine Troubles Booklet

4. Original "One Thousand Miles through Snow Drifts -Details the trip from Detroit to New York  in  Winter 1909 -Signed by one of the three Drivers  

5.Original  " Hupmobile  The 4 Cylinder  20 HP Car  Extraordinary"  (missing two pages) 

6. Original  "The Taste  of  Service "  Details the use of The Hup 20 by the US Army 

7. Original   " Round the world in a Hupmobile  (the Conquest of the Orient)"

8. Copy of the original DU4 Magneto  manual (I have tried to get an original but very rare as of course was the fixed timing model DU4)



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