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That looks similar to the one on my 36 D2 "slant back" but not identical.  On my car there is only one piece and it kind of wraps around the spare tire.  There aren't two pieces that join to encompass the spare.  And there's a flat area cut away at the bottom inboard side.


edit on 8/13/18: I was wrong about the flat spot at the bottom of the inboard side.  there is no flat spot as the pictures in post #6 show

 So either Dodge and Plymouth didn't share the same part for 36 or your guess that it is a 30-36 part is off by a year or two.  It's such a similar part that you must be close.

I'll take some better pics in a few days when I'm at my D2.



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Cover is for a rear spare only, 1934, I believe.  That year the tire valve door came both ways, both horizontal and vertical.  Hubcap is a 34, the 35 and 36 cap was more domed and had the stripe closer to the center of the cap.  All of the 35s I have seen over the years had a single bolt in the center to hold the cover to the mount.  The 34 has the 2-piece cover, with the center 'extension' piece that sticks out.  I know there is a difference in the width of the chrome strip around the outside of the cover but have never determined which is correct for a 34.  The strip on 34 side mount covers is certainly the wider type.  Nice cover.

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On 4/30/2018 at 12:27 AM, Dave Mellor NJ said:

<<I just picked up this nice spare tire cover, inner and outer. I think it's for years 33-36. >>



Clearly late 1934 Plymouth. Earlier 1934 had a smaller vertical tire valve opening.

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