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brake help needed

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hi i have a 1936 v12 zephyr

stock cable brakes

right hand drive 

here in the uk

the shoes do not fit the drums?

the drums are round 12 inch

and are ok (had them checked )

can any body have any ideas ?

please see pics

thanks ady




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I will wait for others to chime in as I'm still a bit of a Lincoln novice, but I suspect you need to find a brake shop that can arc your shoes to match the drums.  This was a standard procedure "back in the day" but these days it's much less common even though our old vehicles still require it for optimal braking.  



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What I do is get some 80 grit sand paper that fits a air file used for body work. The sheets are long and about 2" wide with a peel and stick back.  Clean the drum and peel and stick it to the inside of the drum.  Then with a can of spray paint lightly dust the lining on the shoe for a guide coat. Then place the shoe in the drum and work it back and forth until the shoe is making full contact. 

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16 hours ago, 38ShortopConv. said:
  • Yes your drums have been turned out to compensate for wear so the radius of the drum  is larger than the radius on the brake shoes and lining. You need to have your shoes  " radiused "  or  as the Americans  say  " arc  ground" to match the drum curve.  


Not that I did spectacular in high-school geometry but "radiused" really makes a lot more sense.  

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As another post pointed out, you may have the wrong material for your lining. The linings look much thinner than the ones on my cars and the woven linings are usually riveted on , not bonded. It doesn't look like you will have much friction material left by the time you get those linings to fit the shape of the drum.


Give Fort Wayne Brake a call and see what he has to solve your brake problem.

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