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Need Quality Brass Plating Shop


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Well, I thought I had found a great brass plating shop and after the first batch of parts came back, I'm on the hunt again. I sent a couple instrument housings and a pull light switch panel - simple enough I thought?? Was promised 2 weeks and took 2 months...then to come back looking the way they did just won't cut it. Problem - no prep work and them no buffing - just dipped and dried it appears. Hard to tell about color consistency which is so hard for brass plating.


Does anyone have a shop they can recommend? Would appreciate any leads!




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For good results when having parts brass plated the parts should be nickle plated first. I would check with one of the major platers such as Librandi or Paul's. Haven't had it done in years. Last thing I had brass plated were a set of feet for a claw foot tub. They have held up for more than 25 years.

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