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I wish they would use a better nomenclature than "junk yard"!!


"Junk" is so pejorative, and what I've pull out of yards, and the good time had in doing so, seems to call for a more dignified term.  So here's to "salvage yards"!


The old car hobby is, by the way, a real leader in the craft of recycling and salvaging of parts.  Those green Priuses - or is it Prii? -  They aint got nothin on my old Buick.

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When I was little my grand fathers salvage yard was in my back yard rows of 1929 31  Fords , Indians,  69 Camaro,  T birds with the port holes. and lots of Studebaker-- heaven.   My last trip to 

20180424_124220.thumb.jpg.41dbb7d50ff1212d005589653f9466a7.jpgkalispell  Montana  four  grate days of shopping at these nice air conditioned, open air malls.  AKA ( junk yard) 






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Kalispell Montana open 3 yards one the owner would not let me look had 400 to 300 cars 30 acres----    Wisher's auto  recycling  -406-752-2461------ I think you shuld not tell him your from Cal. then he let you see the cars I think --kyle 



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5 hours ago, 60FlatTop said:

I am imagining him smiling at being called a salvage yard dog.


naaahhhh...  doesn't work here either





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