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car crazy

1934 Packard 1100-Orginal

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In 2004,while attending a non automotive swap meet,I happened by a vendor who was selling some vintage car parts.As I inquired about the parts,the owner asked if I might be interested in a 1934 Packard that she would  be selling, an original car that she and her late husband had purchased in 1958 from it's original owner. As the 1934 Packard represents to me, as well as to many Packard aficionados,the pinnacle of styling for Packard,I was definitely interested.Excited to see the car,and hopefully be able to purchase it,several weeks later I was contacted by the owner,who was by now ready to sell the Packard.When I went to see the car,I was pleased to discover that the car was indeed an original car with a great patina,finished in a deep blue paint,with a Bedford Cord cloth interior.As the seller and her husband had been early members of the Classic Car Club of America,they drove the car on many tours and enjoyed the car, and it did (and does) have it's share of nicks,scratches,and a small scrape or two,and it's original interior had (and has) some not-too-major flaws.But listening to the bank vault sound of the opening and closing of the doors,hearing the smooth sound of the Packard 320 cubic inch straight 8,and admiring the overall looks and originality of the dual side-mounted 1934 Packard,I determined it was to be mine,and concluded it's purchase.

This 1934 Packard 1100 Eight 5-passenger sedan was one of those finds that just don't come along anymore.It can be best described as a car similar to those Full Classics one would discover in the 1950's or 1960's,tucked away in a garage,and, while the majority of those cars were restored,this one has been left in it's original state.The car has never been apart.If you are looking for a restored trailer queen,this is not that car, nor or is this a rusty barn find covered in dust and rust.This is something that is much harder to find,a well preserved 84 year old original car that has been garage kept and gently used throughout it's life.While it shows plenty of honest patina from use,it looks great,has all it's original parts,and remains in good running and driving condition,and is ready to tour.While not a show car by any means,it is a useable and enjoyable car that garners appreciation for it's originality,the car having participated in and awarded in the 2016 Boca Raton Concours d'Elegance, in the Preservation class.

While I have cherished and enjoyed the car for the last 15 years,my purchase of a 1964 Supercharged Avanti has unfortunately necessitated the sale of my Packard.My hope is that the car will go to someone who appreciates it's originality,and will not attempt to erase that originality. Included with the car are the "donut-chaser" radiator cap,as well as the standard-issue radiator cap. Also included is a trunk for the rear rack.The car is priced fairly,and firmly, at $29,500. Jim (561) 373 7200 West Palm Beach

34 Packard 1.JPG

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34 Packard 32.JPG

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What a great car, I can't imagine having any trouble finding a good home for it.  It needs to stay just like it is, very nice.  Super eights seem to get a lot of attention, but a standard eight is a superb automobile.

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Wow. Be still my heart. Great car in every way...except that my checkbook won't cover it.

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Have the sidemount covers-one does require repair,so they have not been installed up to this point.And I do not have the mirrors , but do have some pretty unusual period mirrors that go with the car.

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