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Junkyard forum guidelines.

Peter Gariepy

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Discuss specific current junkyards by state and name.


A typical posting might contain: 

  • Subject:  "New York State, Greiner's, Cold Brook". 
  • Post: "Then a brief description of the junkyard and cars in the junkyard. Including location and photos."

Thanks to Jon Battle for suggesting this forum.

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Just to recap: This is ONLY for listing junkyards that still exist, containing older (25 years or more) vehicles.


Each new topic  would be for a different junkyard. Please list in the following manner:

   1.  Title: 

        Location state (or Country / province),

        Name of junkyard, then town. 


       (example:  Nebraska: Jones' Wrecking, Omaha. )

   2. Give contact information for the owner.

   3. Description of some of the vehicles to be found there.

   4. Link to photos from that junkyard.


If you see a junkyard listed that you already know about, please feel free to hit REPLY to that topic, and post additional information on it.  Don't start a new topic


This forum is ONLY for listings of individual junkyards.  We have one topic called "Junkyard Misc. Comments or Inquiries" under which you may post any junkyard-related topic that's NOT a junkyard listing.  Like reminiscences of junkyards past, junkyard stories, etc.  That is the only place to insert topics or replies that are NOT junkyard listings.  All topics not inserted in the correct place, will be deleted.


I reserve the right to re-arrange titles of junkyard listings, if necessary, per the title instructions above.


Thanks to Steve Moskowitz and Peter Gariepy for starting this Forum. If we find that it doesn't attract that much usage over the next few months, we may discontinue it.


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