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Buick 23-35 Split Rims RAL


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      I have had some car fasteners silver cadmium plated.  These rims likely originally had a thin zinc plating.  Most people paint their rims silver.  I plan to use a non metalic silver paint.  Sometimes the silver cadmium gets splotchy and you have to clear coat it.  A lot of expense to use zinc as well.    Hugh

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10 hours ago, Terry Wiegand said:

What is RAL?


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas


Basically it’s a standard set of formulas for colours that allows all paint companies to mix you the same colour, regardless of where in the world you ask for it. While the RAL system orginated in Germany there is also an American equivalent from ASTM and the Australian Standards Association has yet an other one. They all represent the same colour but each standard uses its own numbering system. 

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