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'65 Skylark Hubcap


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They are hard to find.  I had a '65 Skylark 2 dr hdtp that I used as my daily driver in the 80's and early 90's.  It was a great car and I wish I still had it.  When I put radials on it I learned not to take corners too fast because the hubcaps would fly off.  I was able to find them at the Carlisle show but it was hard to find a nice one.  They are very fragile and a lot of them have been dented by careless handling when installing.  Tapping with a rubber hammer on the outside edge edge is the best way  (I'm sure you know they need to be handled with care).  If you use your hand it will dent very easily when you hit anywhere but the edge

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I've got a set of 4.  One center is loose.  None of them is perfect, as you can see.  As Woody Michel  says, they are kind of thin and would straighten out with some light hammer and dolly work.

Since they won't fit the 13" wheels on my '63, I'd like to get them off the shelf.  How about $100, plus shipping, or make me an offer.




65 Skylark 1.jpg

65 Skylark 2.jpg

65 Skylark all 4.jpg

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