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Clean tyres with white wall

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Anyone can tell me which product use to clean tyres with white wall....probably it´s an old question...! My white wall tyres have +- 1000 miles and are losing white.....and starting "cracked". I only use water and  dishwashing detergent...! That´s the detergent that causes this? Or the brand of tyres "Universal" that are low quality?


Your experiences will very usefull to stop the degradation of tyres....


Thanks a lot!

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2 minutes ago, AC Fuhrman said:

Do you mean the Mr. Clean magic eraser?? (The rectangular pad thing?)



I think so. Never tried one on white walls but I've used the Bleach-white countless times with good results.

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8 hours ago, 46 woodie said:

I use a product called Bleach-White and a small scrub brush, has worked fine for me. I have also used something called Magic Eraser.

Good stuff but make sure it does not remove the paint on the rim. I noticed my rag looked pink and was coming off the poppy red wheels.

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Bleche White is best. Rinse well and use rubber gloves as it can cause health issues, I am told. Gasoline is a very poor solvent and, of course, is flammable. If, for example, you have grease on the tire from a leaking axle seal, best to use kerosene to remove the grease and then Dawn or something similar to cut the kero.

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