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'68 Cutlass S Conv. - Worth saving ?


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Hi All,

I found this board a while back and after lurking a while figured I post a question.

I have a '68 Cutlass S Conv. 350 / 4bbl / AT (2sp)/PB/Ps. Options - PTR and tiltwheel. 99K orig miles. White w/white top and red (dark red - kinda oxblood) int. All orig exc. the battery & top.

I've owned the car since '83. It was my daily driver until '89 when it was hit in the left rear. At that time it also needed some front end work (bushings).

I stashed it in a barn and, over the next couple of years, found parts for it. I have a complete solid rear clip (door jambs on back), 442 rear bumper, taillights , extra trim spears, and a tic-toc-tach/guage pack. The idea was to restore it.

That was 10 years ago.

The body fairly solid exc the damage area. Floor/trunk/wheelwells are mostly rustfree. The only rust is the typical midwest 'behind the rear wheels' rot.

I guess I'm looking for some direction as to who to contact that might be able to evaluate it and determine whether to save it or not. It doesn't run now, so it would require a 'site visit'.

I really hate to let it go if it can be salvaged. I've owned it for almost 20 years and it holds a lot of memories. I once made the mistake of letting one go and regretting it (my '55 BelAir in '81).

Any ideas / suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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The car is worth saving if the frame is not rotted out.

a crumpled quarter panel is nothing . If the car was mine and the frame is not damaged at all , then i would restore the car and enjoy it. Happy olds cutlass s convertible .

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Hi if you don't want to spend the time saving it let me know. I live in Greenwood and i'd like to come and look at it. I'd give you a fair price for it way more than a salvage yard would ever give. I can also help you out if you want to restore it, anyway you wanna go i would come over and check it out tonight if you have the time.....


Jason Hise

B.O.P. Connection

Call me anytime 1-317-371-0045 or 1-317-885-4439


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