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Chompin the bit to go out ridin, but at least used the excuse, to chk lighting..generator runs about 7.4 or so, headlights do dim with radio on,  but 

I've never had issue with the 6...I should have the radio on, it lights up nice too..





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I have an 6 volt LED in my brake-light, and a 6 volt alternator (mostly because I rarely have the opportunity to drive far enough to get a good charge with the generator which sits on a shelf waiting for this to no longer be the case.)   But yes, 6 volts is just fine.

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Sounds like your battery or cables/ connections need some attention.  A good volt meter to measure voltage around the battery and solenoid areas as well as proper grounding.  When things dim when you turn on something else, it's usually a voltage drop due to the overall load on the battery.  Batteries sometimes don't hold a charge well, but you need to verify if it's actually the battery pulling down under load or some other cable/connection issue.  I use a 6 volt Optima battery which is superior to old lead-acid ones.  And it doesn't leak acid like the old type batteries.  The 7.4 volt off the alternator is fine, but the battery is the one that supplies voltage and current to all the electrical devices.  I do keep a trickle charger on my Optima all the time I'm not running the engine to make sure it's up and ready!   And yes I have replaced many of my lamps with LEDs to minimize the load on the battery.  I'm still looking for a good amber fog light that I can put in a H3 type LED as the regular sealed beams pull about 5 amps each which can eat up your battery.  The bulbs are available, but not the amber lamp housings to replace the sealed beams in the 6 inch housings.  Maybe someday!!

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