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Firebaugh Special Anyone?

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extinct species of scooter?. but first! allow me to explain. I've been a fan of Cushman for some years as most of us, so i would discuss and stumble on one or two from time to time with my friends and brothers. Recently I acquired a Cushman 1955 to 59 truckster or what was left of one, in an old gentlemen's yard. for the pricey sum of $50. i said cool ill pick up a part here and there and have fun piecing it back together, "cool rite?". well the other day i was at an old farm estate sale and even here in CA they still pop up know and then. there was a strange lil 3 wheeled cart sitting in the middle of a hoarders heaven. no one could say what it was. "maybe an old farmer slapped something together from leftover parts and created his own yard machine. hmmm?? we all kinda scratched our heads. so i said its pretty unique maybe ill take a chance. but! at $45 dollars it seamed a lil risky. so i said ill see if hell haggle a lil bit could we do $35 if i buy that old 69 trail 90 from you. "sure!" he says. "sold!" i said. i did a bit of research and come to find out, its an old Firebaugh truckette or special from 45 47 ish.  i don't know much more than that but would like to put out some and whatever i learned about it since there is not but 3 or 4 pieces of literature on it and nothing on the old interweb. here are a couple pics enjoy!

thanks, Ed1946FirebaughChassis.jpg.4db77222c5dc8e45e702c6e2b004f67e.jpg20180324_091138.thumb.jpg.c2b2d809062704d1b97e71bb9cb19740.jpg






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You may be interested to know that there has been a Firebaugh that has been for sale for a couple of years in the Vintage Motor Bike Club magazine. Purportedly from the Melody Ranch of Gene Autry and Western movies fame. I have seen that same scooter posted for sale on eBay at different times, too. There is a copy of the for sale ad on the Firebaugh page of the US Scooter Museum (not really a place, just a website). That's probably where you got the photos you posted, as they have identical images posted on their site.See:  Firebaugh - US Scooter Museum


The Vintage Motor Bike Club meet in Portland, Indiana has had a couple of these there over the years. They are not common, but aren't highly sought after by the scooter and motorcycle collecting crowd. Definitely interesting machines and worth saving, especially for $35. 

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