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Engine and transmision swap.

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Buy a different car. Seriously, sell your car and buy one you are happier with. I'm afraid what you want (an easy cheap swap to an engine just like yours, but reliable and easy to get parts for) does not exist.


What parts do you need and where did you look? Tell us the problem and I will bet you get some good ideas.

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These are wonderful cars (I have a model 50) but parts are kind of tough. Maxwell is often very different, too.  It's possible that another pressure plate might work. I had mine rebuilt and was surprised to see that it wasn't all that different from other cars of that era.  Is yours totally missing or just not functioning.  These can be rebuilt. Your best bet is to check with Jay Astheimer in Pen Argyl, PA. He deals with exclusively with parts for these cars and there's a good chance he can help you out. 610-863-6955.

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