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ID these teens roadster doors?

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Wood framed, about 21" long on top and about 21" tall also, no outside handle, inside bar handle.  Hidden hinges, suicide style with latch at front.  Not quite square, belt line angles up a bit at the rear.  

Similar to mid-teens Dodge but shape is wrong, those have a different lower rear corner radius. 

I could peel up the door panels a little if an inside view helps.  I looked at a lot of pictures, but it's tough to determine details because so many of these cars are painted black or dark colors.   

These aren't really in bad shape, just minor rust and no holes, and small enough I could actually ship them.  Be nice to find someone who can use them. Latch even works on this one.  




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Maybe some brighter photos would help.  This is the other door. 

1916-1919 Cadillac 7-passenger is close, handle placement, hinges look right, rear doors have no cutout for wheel arch, but they don't look to have the angled belt line.   The ones I've found photos of have different door panels, too, although the pocket is similar. 




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There were many makes, models, body styles in this time frame and in general terms they are frequently very similar. Positive I.D. can be quite difficult. A number of these cars or specific body styles are 100% extinct these days so odd leftover parts can pose a almost impossible challenge.  The hinges definitely have a teens GM look to them however this may be a coincidence. Cadillac as suggested is certainly a place to start. 


Greg in Canada

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Sherlock Holmes said that "Deduction," was one of his tools for finding the answer to a mystery. He figured out what the mystery clue WASN'T, eventually leaving only the correct answer in his mind. To that end, I can tell you that it definitely is different than my '23 Hupp touring. Top edges of my doors are smooth and radiused. No raised edges on the surface either. You probably already knew that, but I offer this on the small chance that it may help. 


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They are 1915 Hudson 6-40 roadster or touring doors.


1914 Hudson 6-40 has the same interior pattern, but different hinges. I have a '14 and a pair of '15 rear doors that are identical. I would have to check the door dimensions to confirm if they are front or rear doors. The rears are slightly longer.

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