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Cars and Coffee SF Style


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I'm on the right coast, my son lives on the left coast near SF CA.  His cars and coffee pics usually have lots of expensive imports or exotic cars in them but every now and then some old cars show up.  Here are a few shots from Saturday.












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It's a cars and coffee meetup so every car there is on display in the parking lot regardless of its pedigree. The location of the gathering was a high dollar dealer that repairs and restores collector and racing cars.  Most of the cars outside were just everyday folks and their rides.  Mixed in were cars like the VW in the picture I posted.   


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Love number 15, thought I recognized it from another photo, but not the case.  This is what I thought I might be looking at:



At what dealer does this event occur?  All the cars were fun to see, thanks for sharing.

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The name of the company is Canepa, their website is canepa.com.  My son says they are well known in the Porsche world for service and racing along with top level automobile restoration.




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