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1962 Pontiac power steering set up questions


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1962 Pontiac power steering set up questions

 A friend of mine has a 1962 Pontiac Tempest Lemans with the V-8 in it and would like to put power steering on it. To do this set up I assume we need the following:

The gearbox

High-pressure line and return line

A pump

A bracket to hold the pump

Here are my questions:

On the pumps I keep seeing these pumps do not have any reservoir how do these operate?

Where does the pump bolt on and what drives it? – I keep seeing what looks like a pulley shaft but no pulley on the end of them.

 Is the list of parts I compiled all that would be needed or is there anything special that I am forgetting?


I’m a Cadillac/ Lincoln guy not PONTIAC so all your help will be greatly appreciated since these systems seem to be somewhat different than what I’m used to dealing with.





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