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1955 Buick Colors & Fabrics Album - ONE OF A KIND


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I'm selling a unique 1955 Buick Colors & Fabrics Book. What it makes one of a kind? Well, the story began with an original in very bad shape. Most of its parts was already fallen apart. A restoration was not possible. So I thought what to do with it. I was curious if it was possible to rebuild a book of the 1950s with modern materials. And so it began!


After disassembly I measured every single piece. The new heavy cardboard pieces were lasercut. I've decided not to use cordaveen look as the original - I wanted real cordaveen material. So this new book feels better than the original. :-) I cut all pieces by hand and glued everything together. I ordered special screws and chrome caps to hide the screws. The metal ring binders are the only pieces that are from the original. They had a bath in a special chemical mixture to clean them.


The samples of exterior colors and interior trims were scanned in very high resolution and afterwards printed three times to match the original colors as close as possible. Afterwards they were printed, cut and I order a special tool to cut the corners in a round shape - just like the originals. The original books have a section for transparencies. In most cases they are damaged, destroyed and even good examples are not easy to use. So I've decided to create one just for show. I've used car graphics from the sales brochure, retouched them with a computer software, printed them on a special paper, cut them and so on. They look fantastic!


There are three items (reprints) that come with this book: The wholesale ordering sheet, an interior guide and a letter.


This is the only recreation of a book like this I know of. If you own a 55 Buick or are a fan of these beautiful cars, this is probably the only chance to own this masterpiece! It is - in my opinion - a good mixture of the look & feel of the 1950s plus the advantanges of a brand new book.


I have no idea what it might be worth. The asking price is hard to tell. I've spent over 100 hours to create this book. The material used cost over 1,000 USD. So I've put it on eBay:




















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