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Spring is here, and it's time for me to thin out the fleet.  The wife wants the garage back, and I want ( not need) to sell my '89

TC with only 16k miles. Thought it was a keeper, but I found two 16v's that I like better. 


I have had good luck, and some bad luck, with E-bay, but a site such as Bring-a-trailer seems to have some merit.  Not looking for astronomical top prices, but somewhere around 5K.  The car really is a garage queen, all original with some of the carpet protector still unremoved. 


How would you sell this car if you owned it? I want a clean sale, without a lot of hassle and haggling.




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I have not bought or sold on BAT but I have watched numerous auctions over the past couple of years and have seen surprising results in both senses. They are always interesting if only for the shear number of mostly knowledgeable comments. There seems to be a very large community that follows BAT. I think the key is good photography and lots of it. You will also need to be prepared to answer promptly to the large volume of questions, comments, etc. that you will generate. If you go this route it will be very interesting to see how one of our favourite vehicles fares. It is not a 16 valve but as you describe it I would think that $5000 is very reachable. Not sure of BAT's rules governing their auctions but in some cases there are reserves in place. Good Luck if you go this route.

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Go to your local grocery store or car wash and pick up one of those free magazines of local used car dealers.  Look through the adds and pick our 5 or so dealers who are selling cars in the same price range you have in mind.  Take a half day and drive to each one.  Sell it to the first one who agrees to your $5K price.  He will turn around and list it for around $15K.  But he will do all of the advertising, negotiation, haggling, financing, and patient waiting that will be involved in selling it.

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