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Not sure if I need to do this  but here goes. I own a 1940 Roadmaster conv sedan. Great running/driving  condition ( thank you to Doug Seybold who I had look it over, sort it out after I bought it several years ago) with a paint job on it from 1972 in good condition, it is a fairly low mileage car and one former owner was the San Francisco Chapter of the Hell's Angels.  ( they bought it in the 1960s to haul their motorcycles in the back seat area, but I guess that didn't work out as well as they figured it would.)

I taught art to 5 to 12 year olds for 40 years ( 1,000+ kids a week)  retired and now research and write a few stories mostly about cars of the WWI to WWII era. I am not at all into having my cars judged, like to drive them, trophy's are for collectors/owners who like that sort of thing. Read more of my bio in the January 2011 issue of Hemmings Classic Car that is on line. Only thing different from what that report says is I now only own the 40 Buick and a 30 Packard touring car.

I belong to the Long Island Region of the BCA - they are the GREATEST , nicest most caring people you ever would want to meet! I have been an AACA member since 1965, attend Hershey every year since about 1966 ( my space is opposite Larry Schramm who is a cool guy, and is the Buick truck guru) , belonged to the CCCA for 46 years until this year. I take great joy in sharing what material, images etc I have acquired over the past 55 years with others.  Share the happiness  - get someone to join the BCA and AACA! The magazine editors for those clubs Pete Phillips for BCA and West Peterson for AACA are great.

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20 minutes ago, TRD_OKC said:

Recently bought a 1940 Buick Special Coupe on BringATrailer.

I'm new to Buicks but I like the idea of a straight 8.

I plan on going to National in MWC Oklahoma which is 10 miles away.



 Will be looking forward to meeting you and seeing the Buick.  That was my dream car as a teenager-young adult.



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Good afternoon, 

Just joined the club, and I’m currently restoring a 1962 Buick Electra 4 Door Hardtop 6 window I purchased. Customizing it to my own taste, and plan on on replacing the 401 Nailhead with a Buick 455. Should be interesting.




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Charlie Steffy here.  Altamonte Springs (Orlando) FL.   Love driving my Buicks on BDE and AACA Tours!  If you will be at the AACA Fall Meet in Hershey this year, stop by Class 16 on Saturday.  I will be there with my 1919 H45 touring!



DSC05919 (2).JPG

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My name is David and I live about 15 miles south of the state capitol of Wisconsin (I'm just south of Madison).   I grew up on a dairy farm, went to a two year tech college, programmed computers for a large Midwest based insurance company for 32 years, and am now retired.  Just prior to retirement, I decided to restore our 1969 Camaro I had bought used back in 1984.  I hired out the body and paint work, but did all the mechanical work myself.  It was a body off frame restoration.  I had so much fun working on the car that when it was completed,  I  bought a 1964 El Camino at a swap meet.  I pulled the straight six and 3 speed on the tree and put in a small block and 200-4r transmission.  I have all the pieces to put in power steering this Fall when the car comes off the road.  It's my classic-daily-driver-on-nice-days car.


I've always wanted to learn how to do body work and paint on a car, so I've been looking for a project that I could use to teach myself those skills.  I found this 1964 all original, numbers matching, un-molested Riviera which I hope will fit the bill.   After getting the car home and removing the seats and pulling the carpet, I may have jumped into the deep end of the pool... we shall see.


Car came equipped with full tinted glass, tilt wood steering wheel, deluxe interior,  power seat, remote side mirror, dealer installed Buick compass (60's gps :)) Buick floor mats and dealer installed hitch.  The 425 motor is stuck.


I do have some specific Riv questions so I'll probably be hanging out in the Riviera Owners section on this board.


Here's a couple pics...









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