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HELP - 1957 Eldorado (365 ci) battery drain - tries to start when I hook up battery cable

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My 57 Caddy has been running good lately.

I just finished the restoration a few months ago and (in summary) it included a fresh rebuild on the engine and transmission back to stock specs.

Got it all broke in and it has been starting and running great - no mechanical issues.


During the restore, I also took my starter to a local (starter / generator / alternator) rebuild shop who is known to have very good quality service.

Again, no known issues until know.


I did notice that occasionally, my battery would drain and I would have to jump it off.


The last time I charged the battery, I disconnected the (- battery cable) and when I did, it sparked like there was an obvious load...even with the key removed and the ignition in the off position.


Tonight, I went out to my shop and when I connected the negative battery cable, it sparked again and the starter engaged and tried to start.

After 2-3 additional attempts, the finally stopped and all is ok.


Any ideas what's going on here ?


Thanks for any advice.





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