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1955 clipper Windshield trim...HELP


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Hi everyone, I have my windshield installed with new rubber from Steele, and I CANNOT get the bottom stainless trim to go back on. When I start in the middle of the car(as the service manual says) by the time I get to where the pillar piece will go, the bottom of the trim is starting to lift up away from the car, (if I drove down the road the wind would get under it and remove it for me)So I installed the pillar trim first, which fits lovely, then tried to work backwards to the center of the car... it actually pops out of the pillar piece, and rises up out of the grove in the rubber.  I have another complete set of trim, and compared the two lower pieces incase one was different...but they are both the same. Is it possible that they are bent from removal? and need a twist back in them? Any help would be greatly appreciated 

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Sounds like it got bent in removal. I had a similar issue on a 51 Cadillac except both top and bottom pieces were bent. You may have to try either check the radii of both parts against the empty windshield channel or carefully bend them back little by little to see if it will fit.

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