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Idaho salvage yard


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I think all married women of that vintage who follow their husbands around like that all have the same sighs and "ah"'s.


In my very brief and limited dealings with vintage junkyards, it really makes you wonder what their thought process is. They'd rather hike up the prices on "rare" parts (spoiler: everything in a junkyard is apparently rare :o ) and then crush everything versus selling the parts at an affordable price. It's no wonder most people do frame swaps and drivetrain swaps and brake swaps and anything else really. I find myself lucky my car came complete, give or take the nuisances I've had to deal with over the last two years. But those who start with a shell and go looking for original parts... man I can't imagine how expensive that must be.

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It was funny to hear some of the descriptions. Especially the 65 Ford which was described as loaded with power windows seats and am-fm radio, and in the next sentence he says those parts are all gone.  But I did like that 41 Super coupe in the beginning.  

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17 minutes ago, RiKi5156B said:

I guess I didn’t see the contact info for that yard. I live fairly close and would like to go see this yard. 

I have not been to this yard nor know the address.  I only watched the video and noticed a lot of nice projects waiting to be had.    

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10 hours ago, auburnseeker said:

He's lucky he lives where he does.   If this was upstate NY The stainless steel trim is about all that would be left other than an odd piece of glass or maybe an engine block,  but that would probably be rusted up as well. 

As a Connecticut resident.....ain't that the truth !!



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