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ODMA 2018 Old Dominion Meet - 27-28 April 2018

Guest Mark McAlpine

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Guest Mark McAlpine

The 14 AACA Regions in Virginia that comprise the Old Dominion Meet Association (ODMA--a non-geographic region of the AACA) are holding their 65th Annual Old Dominion Meet on Friday-Saturday, April 27-28, 2018, in Harrisonburg, VA.  The Tri-County Region AACA is hosting this year's Meet.  All AACA members are invited to participate--you do not have to belong to an ODMA member region (but only a member of an ODMA member region may win the Best in Show trophy).  AACA Official Judging Guidelines and classes are used for the Old Dominion Meet, but the points required to win an award are lower (i.e., First Junior Award vehicles must score at least 320 points, Senior Award vehicles must score at least 330 points, Preservation Awards at least 300 points, Second Junior Awards at least 280 points, and Third Junior Awards at least 240).  First Junior Award, Senior Award, HPOF, and DPC winners receive ODMA radiator badges (which are the same size and shape as AACA badges).


For more information and the meet registration form, go to http://odma.aaca.com/2018-odma-meet/.  (For more info about the Old Dominion Meet rules and awards, see the ODMA Bylaws posted on the ODMA website--http://odma.aaca.com/-- under "About ODMA."


Come join us for a fun time at the Old Dominion Meet in beautiful Harrisonburg, VA, on Friday-Saturday, April 27-28, 2018--you'll have a great time.

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