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New to me 61 Invicta 2dr hrdtp

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     I picked up a '61 Invicta bubble top this weekend from the Portland PIR Swap Meet. I had a convertible in college many years ago and have always missed it. Almost any 61 GM car is beautiful but I really have a fondness for the Buick. Car appears to be last drive about 2003/4 in Seattle. Runs good except for a slight lifter noise. (I'll have to check that out). Minor minor rust showing from some old repairs will have to be fixed too.  This one will stay stock except for maybe period aftermarket wheels if I can find some that look nice with it. The optional Invicta hubcaps looks pretty nice too.

     What are some good places to find parts for this car?  Cars is the only one I have found so far. I use Bob's for my older stuff. Does anyone do reproduction upholstery for this vintage? At least it shares many weatherstripping  items with the Chevy, I have some on the way.


So far I have driven it around the block a couple times (Still need to register it). I love how smooth these cars are.






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15 hours ago, cjp69 said:

Nice, it is the one that was recently on ebay and Craigslist, right?



It used to be owned by a BCA member up here in WA many, many years ago. 

That's the one! I got it for a better price. :-)

It needs a little work now but you can tell it was cared for in the past.

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Thanks guys for the info about where to get stuff.  Right now the plan is to get water leaks fixed. The rear window seal has been neglected for far too long and has caused some rust inside. Door seals are not much better. At least they share the same seals as the Chevy so those items are easy to get. I'll get the critical things fixed on it and then drive it while I'm working on the '49 Roadmaster. After the '49 is done I plan on a ground up rebuild of the '61.

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You did good if you got it for a better price.  That's a great looking car and as mentioned looks like it was a well cared for original and not a fresh field car rehab.  I would be happy to have on in that shape to drive around. 

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Great purchase!


Please consider joining the Buick Club of America. Also, I see Oregon plates on the vehicles in your photos.  If you live in the Portland metro area, please consider joining the Portland Area Chapter of the BCA.  The chapter website has membership information and a list of upcoming events.

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