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Chrysler Windsor Heating System

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Now that the car starts, runs and charges fine, I am getting to making it comfortable. I tried the heating system. It worked on the first day although it took for ever to warm up the cabin. Then the following days the cabin isn't getting warm anymore.

  • The blower fan in the engine bay is running.
  • Thermostat reading isn't going past minimum but it's not pegged at the bottom either. Even after driving for 30 mins the temperature reading is at the minimum.

I am pretty sure thermostat is the first item I need to go after. Looked up in the shop manual for the location but couldn't find it on the car! Is the thermostat polarity sensitive? Any other tips will be appreciated.

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Thermostat is usually under the engine end of the upper radiator hose. (thermostat housing).

Does the engine feel warm?

If it does I would suggest that you find where the flow control is.

You need to get the hot engine coolant thru the heater core.

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We are not sure what year your Chrysler is. The blower fan in the engine bay may likely also have a heater control valve working near by. It is often operated by a cable connected to your heater temperature control lever. This heater control, if old, can be corroded and seized, unable to move. It regulates the amount of hot engine coolant that flows into the small heater core, with a blower fan on one side. The heater core is basically a mini sized radiator. The hot coolant flows through it. The fan blows air through it and it warms the air. This warm air is directed through heather ducts inside your car. Like a rad, this heater core is also prone to plugging. If hot coolant cannot flow though it, the air pushed through it by the fan cannot warm up. 

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