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1933 intstrumant cluster

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Hey Guys,


I am new to fords butI am looking at a 1933 ford for sale but I have some concerns about the water temperature and oil pressure gauges.  The seller says it doesn't have a water temp gauge or an oil pressure/temp gauge.  I say these cars couldn't last 80+ years without this information.  What gives?



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I am not familiar with the 33 dash, but the V-8 Album, published by the Early Ford V-8 Club, mentions that interesting accessories were introduced for 1934. They were a dual fuel and heat indicator and a dual  ammeter and oil pressure gauge.


I would ask your question on the Early Ford V-8 Club Forum, where there are people that know the cars better than here.



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Hello ,Fords of the early 1930 s only had a speedometer,fuel gauge ,and ampmeter for standard equipment.as previous mentioned the Early Ford V8 club will have lots of info they also have a book available on the Model 40 Ford better known as 1933 and 34 Ford s I have On it’s well worth the price has colors that were available,many pictures and information all in one book by Cliff Helling

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