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1925 BUICK model 25 touring longisland NY craigslist

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Car on stands in garage for 35 years,Antique Vintage Classic
Needs some love ,
California Top...........car is all there.For the right person,this car is a dream,running boards,
All original ,car is complete,have side window inserts..............taking best offer.......call or

text......718 598 1954







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Always find it amazing what turns up in your area after being hidden away for years.  I've been told by car dealers in the past that Brooklyn and Queens were full of old cars sitting in little garages behind the modest row house.  The only one that I ever found there were the bones of an old model T.  This is a model 25.  Could be a 25A with the fixed top.  Just spoke to owner.  Car has not run in 35 years and hasn't tried to turn it over.  

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Thanks bubba:

 Yes it is amazing at where these pop up. Of course the "All original" comment is relative to actual condition. It looks to have been possible, like my 1925-25, a 1960s fix up restoration.  Also the fixed top 25-A is still a nice looking car as shown by carmover's photos for his 25-A. One photo shows that it does have newer WW tires and looks to have the correct shape rear window. Unfortunately as per craigslist ads it has a collection of very bad cell phone photos. It would be good to see some details of the top.

 I hope someone saves this one as we 1925-25 and 25A owners would like some company. The last 25A that showed up when sold went to Russia.

001.jpg.f33b169e44363fe99962b2e4acf369af.jpg If it is an early 25 it would have a black body. Later ones will have Brewster Green Duco as its first color.

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The owner redid the website, so here is a new posting.  It is still for sale in Long Island if this link works.  He says the top will fold, but that it has glass side windows.  Sounds like a California top for having the glass side windows, but he says it is not a California top.  





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I spoke to the owner and as I said it is not far from me and as it turns out I saw this car in the late 70's.  I used to drive by the garage on my way to college everyday and 

one day the garage door was open. I never knew what it was until recently.  Hubert what he has for a top is probably a set of REX Enclosures.  They were a company that supplied

glass sliding windows for open touring cars.  They were removable with some tools..  I had a NOS set for a model 45 still in the crate.  Buick made fixed top versions of the 25 and that is a 25A 

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