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I just bought my 1st Riv....3rd Buick.


115,000 mi.


Leather interior

Sport steering wheel

Wire wheelcovers-original with accurate centers

Triple brown

landau top


1.  anything I should look out for?

2. Does the sunroof, leather & sport steering wheel tell anything about the trim package?

3.  any sources for a new rear bumper?

4.  are there dual exhaust kits available?

5.  best place to go for a new headliner?


Thanks in advance!!

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Congratulations Pete.  These cars are very comfortable cruisers.  A common problem with these cars are the bumper fillers.  They are prone to cracking and/or breaking with age.  If yours are original, they may be brittle by now.  The sport steering wheel is a nice option to have and I believe it could be had as a stand alone item.  I have seen some cars converted to dual exhaust but not sure if anyone supplies a kit.  Any good exhaust shop can easily fabricate a dual system.  Are you looking to do a cat back system?  Depending on where you live, some states don't allow the removal of a catalytic converter if the car was originally manufactured with one.


I would encourage you to join the Riviera Owners Association if you are not already a member.  Not many parts are being reproduced for this era Riviera but mechanical parts are fairly easy to source.


The rear bumper shouldn't be too difficult to find.  A good upholstery shop should be able to take care of your headliner.  These were glued in place and the glue dried out with age which caused the material to separate and sag in places.  This is very common in a GM car from this era but can be fixed.


Good luck and post some pictures if you can.

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Welcome to the forum.  I've owned a few of these and can only confirm what Pat says above.

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