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53 Buick master cylinder rebuild


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Hi folks, I’m working on my 53 Buick super convertible and have a question on rebuilding the master cylinder.  I honed the cylinder, but later read in the service manual that this is not recommended. Does anyone have a recommendation on honing the cylinder to get a good smith surface?  Also, I was thinking to use dot 3 brake fluid, but did not know if silicone fluid would be compatible and recommended?  I’m replacing all components and lines.  Appreciate the advise!


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Unless you find a new master cylinder have yours sleeved.  When new the cylinders had a hard surface rolled into the inside and honing removes that hard surface, which along with pits gives diminishing returns on the rebuild.  On those cylinders when starting to fail, they don't just start leaking a little, there are  no brakes at all.  When driving those cars back when they were contemporary, I always carried a kit and some brake fluid and rehearsed using the parking brake.

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