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Vacuum tank problems


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We sent Eddie's vacuum tank off to be rebuilt. It took 7 months but we finally got it back and it doesn't work properly. At first, we thought it was a leak at the Gascolator bowl because of the little bubbles but closer inspection revealed that the vacuum was not shutting off and fuel was still being drawn in from the gas tank. We contacted the rebuilder but he wanted to know what the engine vacuum measured. We did that yesterday and the 11A's reading was 16 inches of mercury. To be sure we measured vacuum on my 27 11B, it was the same. We have had all sorts of opinions from AACA members but I would like to hear from some Franklin members. I am guessing that the problem lies with the valve that shuts the vacuum off when the inner tank is full. We are getting gas into the windshield wiper hose and the vacuum line from the intake manifold. There shouldn't be any gas that high up in the vacuum tank. Any ideas? Dave Phillips

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1 hour ago, olympic said:

Steve, the rebuilder has told us to ship the tank back to him and he'll figure out what the problem is. I hope it doesn't take 7 months. Dave


Who did you have rebuild it? I got mine done by 


Tim Long

116 Grange Hall Rd

Beavercreek OH 45430

(937) 751-7237



over a year ago - it took a few weeks for him to get it done and back to me then.



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