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Rear Seat Armrest Install in a '63


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18 hours ago, bunchabuix said:


No I don't believe the seat frames for '63-'65 are the same.

There are NO attaching points for the arm rest on the '63. But I have not seen a seat frame for a '64-'65






A couple of years ago I had purchased a center armrest and refurbished it with the intentions of installing it in my 63. I was under the impression that the seat frame was basically the same as a 64-65 and that you may only have to drill holes for the mounting bolts. After I got my car out of winter storage I was ready for the install. I removed the rear seat and found out as you did the seat frame is not the same as the 64-65. It also was not as simple as drilling holes to attach it. If my memory serves me correctly it would have taken some reworking of the center braces so that it would sit flush with the seat and the addition of tabs with holes for the attaching bolts. Probably not a huge deal for someone with welding skills. I could have hired someone to do it but, in the end I decided to leave it original and sold the armrest.



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