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ME AND MY BUICK - New Bugle feature article


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Back somewhere around  '04-'05 I worked with Brian Laurance (Centurian), Roberta (Buick Racer) and Peter Gariepy in sort of revamping the contents and order of the BCA Forum here. At the time I felt there needed to be a more cordial, person oriented feel to the forum and suggested the Me and My Buck Forum. In the years since, it has grown and continues to be one of the more frequented and posted on of the forums here. For that reason I have decided to discontinue my monthly "What's Happening on the Forum" Bugle article and suggested to Pete and Cindy that it be replaced with a monthly" Me and My Buick" feature article similar in nature to that on the forums. We selected Joe Tonietto's (95Cardinal) well documented account of the restoration of his '58 Cabellero as the first sampling of the Bugles "Me and My Buick" in the April issue. We hope the article will be as popular in the Bugle as it has has been in the forums. Note that I said "sampling".... going forward, the stories will not just automatically appear each month, but instead will need to be submitted to Pete for use.


While this new feature article will of course be for all BCA members to submit there personal stories of restoring/preserving there beloved Buicks I personally hope it will be used by many of you here who already have ongoing fantastic threads detailing your labor of love on your Buicks. So please consider doing some copying and pasting from your threads here into a format that can be used by Pete and Cindy in the Bugle in the  months to come. The content should be held to an amount that can be covered in 2-4 pages and a balance of text and photos will need to be maintained. (Not an easy thing to do and the pictures be of a size that can depict what is going on). It is also good to not only include technical coverage but also some personal highlights.


I want to publicly thank Pete for giving me the opportunity to be a small part of the wonderful Bugle magazine over the last few years and say  that it has been a pure pleasure working with Cindy every month in putting the WHOTF together. Thanks guy's!!!!


So get  busy ya'll, look forward to seeing your Me and My Buick featured in the Bugles to come.

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First of all - I’ve loved working with you and look forward to more articles with your name on the byline. Thank you so much for your support of the Bugle. You have gone to A LOT of time and trouble to bring Pete and me and Bugle readers interesting stories. Hopefully your post will encourage others to send their own “Me and My Buick” story. Our focus will be on the details of restoration, preservation and/or repairs – not just photos of a finished car, but photos of the work done along the way. Remember, we can’t make this a regular feature in the Bugle unless we receive the stories!


Kgreen – your project doesn’t have to be finished at all! Show us what you’ve got! And I want to urge Joe Tonietto to send the Bugle an update when he is finished with his fabulous 1958 Caballero station wagon.


I’d also like to offer a few suggestions. I hate to contradict Lamar, but we are much more interested in 1- and 2-page articles rather than 3- and 4-page articles. For several reasons, Joe’s story was unusual so we were able to devote 3 pages to it, but that won’t happen often. The best way for you to judge if your article is a good length for the Bugle is to type it up and then print it out. If more than one page of type (not counting photos) comes out of your printer, chances are it’s too long for us to easily find space for it. Your one typed page of text will end up being at least TWO Bugle pages by the time we format the type and add photos.


So focus on cutting your text to one page of type and try to edit the story to information that most members will be interested in. Brief personal stories and observations are fine, but most members really only want to read and see photos of what you’ve done to your car –" before and after" photos are great! Send photos as attachments in email rather than embedded in Word docs. Give Pete a head’s up if you plan to send an article and then send the text and photos earlier than the published deadline.


The Bugle is YOUR magazine and Pete and I can only print what we receive, so we hope to hear from some of you real soon!


Thanks, Cindy

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