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Add the model of your Reatta to your signature line - Here's how.

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Please add the model year of your Reatta(s) to your signature line.  It helps other members to tell at a glance which model you have when they answer a question you post to the forum.  Although they look similar, all model years of the Reatta (1988-1991) were different. It's also good to add other information to your signature line like the color of your car, coupe or convertible, etc.

A link to this topic can be found in the Reatta Quick Reference Guide


1. Click on your name in the upper-right of any page on the forum.
2. Then click Account Settings from the menu that drops down.

Sig pic-1.jpg

3.  On the settings page select Signature from the menu on the left of the page.

  Sig pic-2.jpg


4.  Add or edit the information you want to appear in your signature line

Sig pic-3.jpg


5.  Click Save at the bottom of the editor.

Congratulations!  You've added information to your signature line.


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Bumping this back to the top in case any new members (or old members)  might need it.

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