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1957 Estate Wagon


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1957 Buick Estate Wagon. Not running, not driving, good start to a rat rod. Has a nailhead but I believe the block has a crack. No interior. Pretty light on the rust. Chrome strip down the drivers side is all there, nothing on the passenger side. Has the 3 chrome Buick "side vents" on both sides. Car's worth more in chrome parts but don't have the time to part it. $650 take it home.


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… why does every potato chip ...pep boy … walmart … discount grrocer shopper list their cars as potential rat rods … ? …. but gee let me guess … It's the easiest, cheapest and most mindless approach to a resurrection … you think ?

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With restoration costs grossly exceeding value, the hope of finding someone who wants to repurpose it is his best probability of selling. The fact that no one has bought it for a parts car for their restoration is an indicator of little demand in that venue.  At least the price isn't outrageous! Who knows if it has a title.

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5 minutes ago, Pete Phillips said:

One of these is available near me, not quite as complete but has engine & transmission and the engine turns. The seller is asking $1500; includes some extra parts, too.

Build 1 from 2

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