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Now this is rare Shaffer and others

86 2dr.ltd

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Most of the clowns in the junk jards didnt either. They openin them up with the loader forks. Hard to find a hood that hasnt been forked. smile.gif Although they look the same the Delta 88's and 98's opened conventionally and had different sheet metal that looked the same. Notice how the top of the fenders is actually the hood. The fenders are actually short little things. Its possible only about 100 of these 2dr. cars were made in 85. I wish a good Buick person would save this car. Doesnt appear to be that big of a job. I'd be all over it but my plate is over full and the wife would really kill me. That engine is slightly different than the ones that came after it. It still has a distrubitor instead of ignition module. Lots of drivable potential there. Has the squared off roof line though just like the 4 dr. Electra/Park Avenue .

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