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Looking for rear bumpers for rear a 29 DA sedan 

what do they look like ? Can some one post pictures of what they look like and how they appear mounted. My car has the spare tire carrier.

there are a few posted here and there but they don't look correct as far as how they bolt on.

thanks in advance for pictures.


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18 hours ago, Bob Zetnick said:

Todd, wish I had my car here.....maybe in a week or two....right now these are the only photos I have on file that helped me w/ my car. This photo might help too.


This picture is perfect ! Thank you Bob.

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3 hours ago, HBergh said:

Here is a 1930 DA bumper without spare tire in back

Rear Bumper2.JPG

OK this is also perfect for no spare tire .I'll take it .Ship to...haha  Any one have one for sale ? A pair for spare tire aplication will do too. 

Thanks to all. Very helpful as usual.


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