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Newly Made Fuel Tank for 1938 Buick Century...


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While looking for a replacement fuel tank for my 38 Century, I came across the largest supplier I could find so far: http://www.tanksinc.com/index.cfm

They have stated that for them to produce a new tank for this vehicle they would need a minimum of 100 units being made @ $400- per tank.. In short, unless we get 100 people wanting one, we will go on patching our tanks the best possible way anywhere from $285- to $385- with the only plus being a lifetime warranty. I ask myself, is it worth it?

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There are probably a lot of very similar tanks that are reproduced that could be used with minor modification. An old Torque Tube Issue from 2002 indicates that the 1937 40 and 60 series fuel tank can be created by using a reproduction tank for a 1972 Nova by removing the filler pipe, patching that area and then installing your old filler pipe (or creating a new one) and installing it in the correct location. 


I am not sure how close the 1938 tank size is to the 1937 tank size since the tank on my 1937 is on the car making it difficult to compare the two. The 1937 and 1938 filler pipes are on opposite sides but the tanks themselves might otherwise be somewhat similar. If you need good photos or any measurements on the 1938 tank, I have mine out of the project car right now.


I suspect that Dave Tacheny has a tank available. Have you called him?  

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I got the same answer as philipj when I talked and emailed a picture of my tank to Tanks Inc.  Parts Book says 37 series 40 and 60  share one tank. 38 Series 40 and 60 share one tank.  Seems to me a case could be made for Tanks Inc. to manufacture one tank with making provision to have the filler neck attached in the proper position at a radiator shop in the buyer's location. Have read about the Nova tank as well.   

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Hello there, I am spending the $350 to $385 plus $110 freight both ways to get my tank done as described by you and Moyer Fuel Tank Renu... Still, while I had this out and going through all the trouble, I was hoping for a reasonable new option for future needs (If it would arise) as well as helping other people out with the same frustration...


I would be willing to bet that 37 and 38 tanks are dimensionally the same except for the filler neck being on opposite sides... But there are no 37 tanks to be found either! Most of the other Chevy tanks are deeper by about 2" and either 15 or 16 gallons and not 18 gallons as the originals...


Matthew, if you can do detailed photos and measurements we can compare them to mine... Surely you will be right on the money! This is what I got:


Length: 38-1/4"

Width: 20-1/2"

Height: 5-1/2"


* Distance from the front of the tank to the fill tube: 15-5/8"

** Tube dimension in relation to the length: 14-1/4"

*** Tube bend in relation to the Height: 6"


Dave Tacheny installed the last NOS 38 tank he had on his last coupe project... They are gone unless someone is hoarding them; unless they are yet to be found in some forgotten warehouse... The ultimate dream, forgotten 37-38 parts stashed away!..:)




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Here is what I posted earlier today regarding the 1938 tank:


This morning, I took some photos and measurements of the gas tank to document the 1938 Buick 40 and 60 series gas tanks since some recent questions have been asked about replacement tanks. The tank has an overall width of approximately 38 inches. The tank is approximately 21 inches from front to back. It is approximately 6 inches deep.  The fuel filler tube is approximately 15 inches long. It is 2 inches in diameter and is mounted approximately 4 inches, on center, from the rear edge of the tank. It is mounted with the top edge basically in line with the top of the tank. The filler tube angles up to a height of approximately 12 inches from the bottom. Hopefully the photos will be helpful. 


I have not confirmed the exact dimensions of the 1937 Tank but I think that the reproduction 1972 Nova tank should work for a 1938 40 or 60 series Buick as well as the 1937. It would be approximately an inch lower than the orginal tank but it is slightly smaller from front to back and no wider from left to right, so it should fit in the space of the original tank just fine. I think that the tank straps should be long enough to work with the reproduction tank as well.  From their website, here are the dimensions for the reproduction tank:


1971-72 Chevrolet Nova  & Pontiac Ventura Fuel Tank

18 Gallon

With Filler Neck

38" x 19-3/8" x 7-3/8"

Gas Tank also sold  as GM46C




I need to pull the tank out of my 1938 Special body donor car. I have not looked at it closely, but I think it has some type of reproduction tank in it. I still hope to find someone who needs to buy it as a parts car but if not, I might be willing to part it out. 






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i had been looking at the 38-39, or  '40 chevy tanks and modifying the filler neck to favor one side, but for the $150 price of the nova tank, it is hard to ignore! the non-descript chevy tanks do look like they should fit, although I do no have the inner frame rail measurement, the wide seams on either side  of the '40 may have to be massaged a bit.




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In search for my ‘37 Pontiac (no hate,please)gas tank, led me to your posts. Thank you, for all of the possibilities to ck.  Almost bald pulling hair out. Lol. Will heat gun, to try to separate the two flanges. Anyone see an issuer ? ( yes, well rinsed). Thanks so much.

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