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Late 1970s or early 1980s Plymouth

Steve Hagy

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Since this car isn't that old I hope that will translate to an easy identification. I would like to know the year and model of this well-worn battalion chief's car of the Detroit Fire Dept. It would have looked so much nicer in red...


Take care,




AACA Detroit B 6.jpg

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14 hours ago, Steve Hagy said:


I have to ask, is there any way to distinguish between the two years?


I don't know, maybe someone else does. Maybe only a difference of serial numbers? 


Whoops I realised I hit the edit button instead of the quote button there.

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Steve, that is probably the reason. Being a fire unit it was not as important to keep the brakes and wheels cool as it would have been for a police car that was subject to more strenuous use. 

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