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'53 Super Defroster Blower


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I'm going through various electrical components under the hood. I discovered that the defroster blower was not operating. I found the power supply wire to the blower was pinched and suspected a blown fuse. Fuse is good, verified 12v to the blower when switched on. Hooked up 12v direct to the blower, still no go! I removed the blower from the duct, it was very hard to turn, but I was able to free it up (probably hasn't run in quite some time) and other than the usual dust and crud, there is no evidence of any overheating, electrical fault, etc. The shop manual has very little info on the blower itself. Has anyone had any experience with repairing the blower, is it a reparable item, or do I need to start a search for a replacement? This thing reminds me of the Axial fans used in Submarine ventilation ducts, or any other Naval Vessel, (AKA Target) for that matter... but that's another story! 

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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1 hour ago, Beemon said:

For your super, I believe it's 6 volt? You'll have to take the motor apart and verify the condition of the brushes and commutator to see if it's just years of corrosion or if it is something worse.


 If it is the one pictured it his avitar, it is a Super.  12V.


  Have you checked the ground? I believe the blower/fan is mounted in rubber. Should be a ground wire.



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On ‎3‎/‎28‎/‎2018 at 12:50 AM, RiKi5156B said:

Shoot the heck out of it at the shaft ends with WD40 and hand move it back and forth till it is free spinning. Work it a bit and it’ll come free.


Only the cage end has an exposed shaft, But yes, some thin lube has a decent chance of freeing it up. If not pull it apart and lube the blank end. If that fails it's likely still repairable. Do a forum search for more advice..............Bob

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Update on Blower Motor.

Spraying penetrating oil did very little to free up the blower, Brush end of motor is sealed. Disassembled for inspection. Inside of motor was clean, except for the brush/commutator area. The bushings were gummed up bad. The brushes are worn to less than half of their length (assumption as to new length) The commutator is grooved about 1/32 at least under the brushes, and the carbon had bridged the commutator segment gaps. It does appear to be repairable, so I'll clean it up, find some new brushes, clean the commutator, and clean out the gaps. The bushings and the armature shaft cleaned up nicely. Then the Generator is next!!!!!





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