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1933 PX


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I've wondered about that cover since I got my car back in the 1970s. Nothing about it in any literature that I've ever seen.


Pure speculation, but some early automotive radios used a number of different methods to get the high voltage needed by the tubes. Some had a high voltage battery that I guess you had to take out of the car and recharge occasionally. Some had a motor-generator (6v motor driving a high voltage generator). Maybe a component like that was intended to be accessible under the cover. Not sure when the vibrator and transformer method for getting high voltage for the tubes came into being, but the radios I've seen for the 1933 cars did not seem to need a separate high voltage battery or motor-generator.


Another thought was the it could have been access for a tool box. But it doesn't make sense that you'd need to find a screwdriver to access your tools.


I guess the real reason was so when the car was 30 to 40 years old a teenager could build in an ice chest to hide beer in.

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