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2018 Nationals


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I am trying to work things out to attend the Nationals this year in Denver. Is anyone from here planning on attending? I have never been to a Buick National meet, what should I expect? I looked at the scheduled events, it seems very interesting and they have lots of things to do. Sure would be nice to see other Reatta owners there. When I went to Ervin's event in LA all the Reatta owners were so polite and friendly. :)  It was so great to see so many Reatta's in one spot!

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I will be there in my 1991 coupe. The Reatta division is having a Rendezvous Thursday during the day. We'll have a tour at Celestial Seasonings in Boulder, then lunch at a local restaurant. Next we'll have an optional drive home on the scenic Peak to Peak highway that runs west of the Denver area. 


The goal is to be back at the host hotel in time for the event at Rambler Ranch Thursday night 


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I hope to attend the 2018 meet, all depends on my wifes health.    If I miss this year, it will be the first one I have missed since about 1998.

Here are some pictures from last year.

Depending on the class you enter, the Reattas could be in 400 point, display, driven, or an new class last year for Reattas Archival

For that reason, the Reattas were scattered on the show field.

The last pictures are of one of my favorites....I believe it was a 1933 4 dr sedan that had been converted to look like a sedan delivery with Marshal Field department store livery in gold leaf.







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I do hope you wife has a speedy recovery, I will keep her in prayer. Thank you for the photo's of last years show, it is very motivating. I just did some research and it seems restored cars go for the 400 point judging and stock unrestored cars go in the archival class. Thanks for the input. I agree about the Marshall Field's, car, just stunning!

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I will be going to the Nationals, commuting  daily from my home in Boulder.  My '91 coupe Blue/blue on display.  That car will probably be for sale..depending on how my '91 coupe white/ tan turns out after I do the motor swap.  

On a sunny first day of Spring drive,  I toured the route of the Thursday Reatta Rendezvous, in my blue Reatta.  After a morning sight see in Boulder, and lunch, we will head up towards the continental divide on a very winding paved road for about twenty miles  The road is lined with trees and follows a  bubbling creek, ending in the quaint little hippy town of Ward, Colorado.  In the late eighteen hundreds, the Switzerland Trail steam train brought tourists from Boulder to Ward for spring wildflower excursions.  At that point we turn south, on the Peak to Peak highway for some of the most beautiful mountain vistas you could imagine. Next stop, Nederland, a town in a spectacular setting and lots of gift shops, the oldtime Pioneer saloon still functions as a dance venue.  From here there are many ways to return to Denver.  Back to Boulder through Boulder Canyon, South on the Peak to Peak highway, through the mining town of  Central City, now a casino town, and on to the freeway back to Denver.  Coming down into Denver is quite spectacular drop with many signs warning "TRUCKERS, You are not down yet".   There are also many other winding routes if you are still hoping for more curves.

I'm finally finished this tome, I will go outside to take some picture of my Red, White, and Blue Reattas in the spring snow.  I look forward to meeting other Reatta aficionados in June.

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 I am also hoping to attend the National, though there are a few things I need to work out. A bit complicated, so I won't bore everyone with the details.

 I have been to about 10 or 12 Nationals since my first in 1978. Loved them all. Some seem to be better than others, but that is very subjective. Where else can you meet with, talk with, and get to know so many fellow Buick owners. This forum is great, but nothing beats getting out there and enjoying the Fellowship of the Buicks.

 If I attend, I am planning to drive my Reatta, so I would be parking with you folks.


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You need to be prudent on your "extra" activity choices.

I go to the Buick National to see the cars.   If there is a local activity, sight, or attraction, we usually get there early and go to the extra activities before the meet starts.

Example, last year at Milwaukee, Pete Phillips and I went north to the Wisconsin Auto museum on Wed morning, before most people arrived, if you take the tour, it takes you all day and they choose where you eat.

Also there are tours that are only available via the Buick meet....example 2008 we toured the GM heritage collection,  not open to the public and well worth the time and whatever it cost.

Another example was in 2010 at Ames IA....a tour was offered to the all Chevy convertible collection just north of Des Moines....only way to go was by bus because they had limited parking and again not open to the  public.

So you can choose your extra activities carefully

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