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Brass wire ties


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I'm looking for some new brass wire straps/ties as shown in the photo.  The equivalent to todays plastic ties.  They held together the heater hoses, power steering hoses, and wires to the rear axle tube.  They sell them in the UK online however they will not ship to USA.




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Thank you $um Fan.  I love the restorationstuff catalog.  Some much stuff I can buy there.  Although I've restored cars for 20+ years I've never looked at their site or ordered from them, honestly I never heard of them.  At first I thought it was Restoration Specialties and Supplies out of Windber PA where I have ordered and visited several times.  I will keep restorationstuff on my list for the many great things they have and will probably order something shortly.  Now the bad news, yes restorationstuff does have the brass wire ties, they are $5 EACH.   Since I need 10 off them, that adds up.  Ouch.   In the UK where I can get the exact ties for my Daimler they are $1.50 each at the current exchange rate.    For the difference I think I will try cahartley idea and reach out to 2 of my Facebook friends from the UK.    Might as well order 20 if I pursue that approach.   Not to sound check but $50 for what I need/want seems like I should attempt the UK route.


Thank you both.

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