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Packard, Cadillac Classic Club magazines FREE

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I have hundreds of magazines from the Packard Club,  Cadillac Club and Classic Car club plus more.  They are FREE but will not ship.

Must be picked up on long Island, NY before the dumpster gets here.  Hemmings Collector Car , old Car and Driver.  Also lots 

of Old House Journals.  I'll throw them in for nothing.


Answer me back through this site. Thanks

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The dumpster is coming. There has to be over a thousand mags.  The Packard Cormorant is $2.50 a piece if you buy an old issue.  The Classic Car from the

Classic car club is full of color pictures.  How about getting these for dad for fathers day or mom for mothers day.  I want nothing for them.  The Hemmings Classic Car

mags are a lot of money to get an old issue.  I collected them but have no room.  HELP!! It will kill me to throw them out.

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On March 30, 2018 at 5:30 PM, bubba said:

 HELP!! It will kill me to throw them out.


Even I am beginning to stress over this ! Here is an idea : I don't often scan this category , but would come and get them if I were not ten times farther away from you than I could possibly handle. It is a West Coast thing. I suggest putting this literature collection on Parts for Sale. Just head your thoughtful generous offer with "FREE". This would be a treasure trove particularly for the younger people working on old cars , and starting out in the hobby. Someone could combine a trip to The Island and The City , and come home with quite a library ! More or less , what time frame do the mags cover ? Thanks for offering these. With the population density in your area , someone certainly would be glad to come over. Hey , I think not only Parts For Sale , but General also. "Free" gets everyone's attention. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Maybe the younger set is not familiar with , or open to enjoying magazines ? Life being what it is these days , storage capacity , as you mention , is critical.  Good luck to you and to someone out "there" !       - Carl 

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Thanks C Carl, there is life on here after all.  Some of them probably go back at least  twenty years maybe more.  I was thinking about putting this under General but thought people would complain. I'll give it a shot , thanks again.

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