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What year are these window crank handles?

Pete Phillips

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 If memory serves me correctly there are two differences between the 1937 and 1938 handles unfortunately I no longer have the 1938 handles and I cannot tell by Pete's pictures. The 1938 is more rounded at the top instead of having a sharper edge. The 1937 I believe also has what looks like a 1/4 inch spacer between the plastic and the handle.

 I've attached a picture of a 1937 but like I said earlier I no longer have a 1938 handle to show for comparison. I can't see the spacer that I think would be there if it was a 1937 however the edge appears rounded which might be my eyesight.




P3220048 (2).JPG

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The aftermarket suppliers only sells one handle for 1937 and 1938, but supply them with a different knob for 1937 and 1938, so the handles would probably look fine for either year. The knobs appear to be from 1938.  For comparison purposes here is one from my 1938 Century project held up beside one mounted on the door of my 1937 Century. As you can see the slightly longer section on the handle under the knob appears to be for 1937 based on my two cars. The knobs also appear a bit more rounded on the 1938 one so I would say that Pete's two handles are from a 1938 Buick but I suspect that nobody would ever question them on a 1937. 


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