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1928 Cadillac Fleetwood Town car

Linus Tremaine

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My friend has a 1928 Cadillac town car by fleetwood that he needs to sell. He is 77 and wont ever finish it. 


The car was made into a tow truck and he has rebuilt the rear half. I think it was a three window but he made it into a two window. He has rebuilt a lasalle previously, so his wood work is not terrible, but I know how hard it is to make cars perfect. IT needs finishing. I belive he made the rear doors. 



He "rebuilt" the engine - i know it has new bearings at minimum. It has been run. Its largely apart. Has buffalo wire wheels.  He has all the parts that are not on it as far as I know - such as fenders, grill, hood runningboards etc. 


He is asking 15K if anyone is interested in such a car.












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