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4 hours ago, JDFBear said:

Is it possible to buy just the grille insert?   I'm trying to avoid paying 120$ for a new grill

It is possible if someone is willing to sell you just the black part.  You could also make your own unless you are a purist.... Here's mine,  Black wire mesh. fullsizeoutput_13e6.thumb.jpeg.95e2ac9bc2cfe59f1687c019f3f45c41.jpeg 

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8 hours ago, JDFBear said:

that looks good.   do you got  more pics of how you did it?   as far as attaching it.  

I have no more pictures of the front of my TC, even had to search for this one as it was from a car show at my Church years ago, in 2011.DSCN0125.thumb.JPG.2a47bb81a9cdedee3085c123a421f53b.JPG

I removed the black plastic grill from the stainless surround. Then I cut the wire mesh, (which you buy at a hardware store for things like a screen door, etc) to fit the outline of the stainless surround. Then sandwiched it in between the 2 factory pieces. The plastic cross bars were just slightly broken but makes a good solid backing to the mesh.

I also used black tie-straps in a few inconspicuous places. It becomes a great stone shield as well, as it has been hit by debris many times over the years.

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