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Building a Garage in Atlanta area

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Am building two garages.


One is four bays. 60feet wide and 30 feet deep.14 foot eaves 4" insulation. Clear span. PBR roof panels. Four post lift.  


Other has four roll-ups on one side and an additional rollup on the far side and be able to drive through. The footprint at 100 feet (rollups on these sides) and 80 feet deep. This will primarily for display and show. Building basic blank boxes. Have all preliminary drawings approves. 

Hoping to begin pouring first week in May.

30x60 3-9-2018.jpg


100x80 3-9-2018.jpg

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Really want a turntable for a car. Would be good to have it flat on the floor, but could be raised later. I do not plan to spend $20,000 for this and think it can be done cheaper, maybe a whole lot cheaper! Am quite good at fabrication and DIY. 


My cars average about 20 feet long and about 5,000 pounds.

Any ideas?

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Post this in the garage & barn thread.  You will get more traction.  There was a discussion about turntables.  There are a bunch of manufacturers and I think you can do it for less than the 20k.


Good luck on the barn.



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